Why You Should Use Netflix Free Premium Accounts?

If you love watching movies, shows, videos, etc but, you are irregular with the timings when they are broadcasted on your television then Netflix is the best option for you since here you can watch the movies or shows which you have missed any time on it by playing them online with absolutely no restriction on the number of times you watch the same thing over and over again.

Netflix is the best platform to watch shows and movies online on your smartphone and have a great experience just by downloading its app. You may find a number of different websites on Google offering free Netflix accounts passwords. But the problem with them is they are no longer working or not exist either. Well, to improve the user experience on Google, we have added a brief article over Netflix, Netflix Accounts, and Much more information over it. There are some pointers that will help you understand what exactly Netflix has to provide you with.

What is the Netflix premium?

Netflix premium is a content streaming platform that has a lot of movies, web series, and tv shows. A lot of people from India have joined the premium family of Netflix after its official launch in India. Netflix has released some of the best shows such as The Witcher, YOU, 13 reasons why, and more.

Netflix alone has a budget of more than 15 billion US dollars, which means a lot of new series and movies are on the way and it is high time for you to get yourself a Netflix account in case your friends deny sharing their account with you.

The company has set 4 plans to choose from, each plan has its own limitations, have a look at the plans below:

  • Mobile Plan – is for mobile users only, you cannot use this account on laptop or pc, it costs around Rs 199 for one month.
  • Basic Plan – The basic plan costs around Rs 499 and can be used on PC and smartphone. It doesn’t support HD and ultra HD content.
  • Standard Plan – This plan costs around Rs 649 and has two screens option. You can watch content in HD but not in ultra HD.
  • Premium Plan – This is the premium plan which costs around Rs 800 and has no limitations. You can watch content in Ultra HD on any device.

Why You Should Use Netflix Free Premium Accounts?

There are thousands of benefits of using Netflix and the best one is you can watch not only Hindi but also English, Tamil, Telugu, and movies and TV shows or other regional languages for free. Yes, no one can compete with Netflix when it comes to the collection of movies and TV shows.

Besides providing an option to stream movies, Netflix does provide an option to download content for offline watching. The best and most important thing is Netflix is a legal platform to watch and download movies and TV series in HD quality.

Is it illegal to share a Netflix account?

The US Court of Appeals ruled that password-sharing is now a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, that was a totally different case than sharing a password on an entertainment site like Netflix. Besides, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings mentioned that he loves people sharing Netflix and it is a positive thing.

Instead of prosecuting users, Netflix put restrictions on the number of concurrent streams. The Basic account allows only one stream at a time while the Standard account offers two. My premium account offers 4 simultaneous streams, so I could share it with more users. As long as I don’t sell the account, I can use it for whatever purpose, including sharing it with my friends and family. Netflix allows us to create up to 5 profiles for an account at the moment. Therefore, sharing a working Netflix account is perfectly fine.